No Thank You Cards Founding FamilyIn 2008, I had an almost-2-year-old, 4-year-old twins, and a 6-year-old. I also worked from home as a marketing copywriter. My brother made a life-changing suggestion: a pact to stop writing thank you notes back and forth, and instead just assume the other was grateful for any gift.

In the decade since, I’ve cringed when receiving thank you notes from recipients of group gifts, knowing they’re caring for a new baby and also handwriting 25 thank you cards. And receiving thank you notes for meals, from grieving families, makes me feel as though I’ve added to their burden rather than relieving any part of it.

No Thank You Cards are about recognizing:

1) There are periods of life when people send gifts, money, food, etc. to celebrate, encourage, smooth a path, or help loved ones push through. Not out of obligation or duty, but out of love.

2) Giving a gift or meal, or otherwise helping someone, does at least as much for the giver as it does for the recipient. 


  - Jennifer "Owner and Creator"